CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you're looking for something healthy and simple today, free yogurt is the way to go.

Free Activia yogurt coupon: Click here. Remember the Yoplait coupon from a few months ago? This time Activia is offering up free cups of their Greek or French inspired yogurt! (You can even pick which variety you d like.

For your car, Invisible Glass is giving out samples of their rain repellent packets. These clean your windshield and repel rain. You ll also be able to get a $3 rebate coupon for the full-sized product.

Post-It had free Super Sticky notes available earlier this week, and now here s an offer to join a special perks club, and get free samples like their durable tabs and labels. These are good for labeling school lunches or for school projects.

Head and Shoulders has a new freebie for their itchy scalp relief products. You can get a sample freebie of their shampoo and conditioner.

OK, that s all for now. Stay with me on Twitter @DionLimWCNC tomorrow since I ll be on assignment in Atlanta for The Voice auditions!

That s where you can find the deals tomorrow. As always, supplies are limited so act quickly see you on TV at 4 p.m.

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