HICKORY, N.C. -- The little house where Zahra Baker lived until last fall in Hickory is now boarded up, but in the yard are vehicles belonging to Real Tree Service.

The owner of the company is also the owner of the house that had been rented by Zahra's father Adam and her stepmother Elisa.

Adam Baker worked for the same tree service and was given a company vehicle to use a 1996 Chevy Tahoe.

When Zahra disappeared police impounded the vehicle and searched it for clues.
That same Tahoe was back at the house today and is now being driven by another company employee, Shane Hocsak.

I didn't want to drive it at first. But an exorcism was done. The priest came out and did it to the property, the equipment and the Tahoe, he said.

Hocsak was working on the trucks in the yard. He said he joined the company after Adam Baker had left when Zahra went missing last October.

Police thought the truck could have been used to transport some of the dismembered body parts of Zahra Baker.

Elisa Baker later led police to locations across two counties where parts of the little girl's body were found.

Hocsak said he tries not to think about what the vehicle might have been used for. I gave it to God. I put all my trust in him.

Charles Bost lives next door to the little house that some still call the house of horrors.

Bost says he talked often with Adam Baker but never saw Zahra Baker outside the house. He thinks Adam Baker should face charges as well as Elisa Baker.

He was there. I don't think my wife could chop up a child and me not know about it, being in the house, he said.

A hearing for Elisa Baker has now been moved to Thursday as both sides continue talks about a possible plea deal.

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