CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Some south Charlotte residents say they are worried about two recent coyote attacks on small pets.

For parents like Nouri Motameni, news of two coyote attacks near her south Charlotte home is upsetting.

We have kids playing outside all the time, and knowing that there could be terrible incidents makes me nervous to even let my kids go outside and play, Motameni said.

Concerns for residents in several neighborhoods, including Cameron Wood, have people looking out for the furry member of the dog family.

But John Shaw of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission said people should not be any more afraid of coyotes than many other animals that populate our area.

I would be more afraid of a human, Shaw said. There has never been a case of a coyote attacking a human in North Carolina for food source. Let me change that, in the Southeast.

But what about the incident where a coyote later found to have rabies attacked a small dog as its owner walked it on Rosemary Lane? Shaw said that any animal with rabies would cause the same type of problem for people who might cross its path.

But the strain of rabies in coyotes in North Carolina is very rare and this incident would be only the fifth time he's heard of such a case.

It s important for residents, especially those who live near greenways and woods, to be vigilant and not unknowingly invite animals to their backyards. Many times the animals are attracted to food left out for pets or open trash cans.

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