GASTONIA, N.C. -- Both the state and the defense have rested their cases in the murder trial of Danny Hembree, but not before the members of the jury were taken to see the house where Hembree has confessed to killing two women.

For the first time since his arrest in 2009 Danny Hembree was led by deputies into the house on Oakstone Drive where he had been living with his mother at the time the two women were murdered.

The jury has already heard Hembree confessed to police that he killed both women in the house.
Hembree has since recanted those confessions.

His defense now is that 17-year-old Heather Catterton died in the house of a drug overdose and he says he accidentally killed 30-year-old Randi Saldana in the same house two weeks later during a night of drugs and rough sex.

District Attorney Locke Bell, who accompanied the jury on the visit to the house, objected to Hembree being allowed in the house at the same time.

Bell worried about the safety of the jury with Hembree in such close quarters.

Deputy Boyce Ferguson said Hembree was wearing special locking leg restraints under his pants that made it virtually impossible for him to run.

Ferguson said Hembree showed no reaction to being back in the house and caused no trouble during the visit.

There were officers constantly with him. He had supervision the entire time, Ferguson said.

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