CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With statewide unemployment near 10 percent, many job seekers are trying to find opportunities in booming sectors.

Bill Shepley of executive service firm DHR International visited NewsChannel 36 Tuesday and offered insight into what industries plan to do more hiring in 2012.

The fastest growing sector is healthcare, said Shepley. The greatest job opportunities are for medical assistants.

Shepley pointed out Carolinas Healthcare System and other medical companies are constantly looking for candidates for various roles. He said the internet technology sector is growing rapidly as well.

That s always going to be in demand, Shepley added.

Paralegal and home health aid are two other sectors seeing job growth as aging baby boomers start to seek more medical help.

I think we re going to see a pretty rapid growth in that area, he said.

Shepley advised job seekers to stay away from some of the jobs that are often the easiest to get, such as store clerks or other positions that may be seasonal.

I think it s really important for people to realize that, in this market, your skills that you have in one particular sector are usually transferrable to another sector.

Click the video player above to watch Shepley's entire conversation with Charlotte Today hosts Rob Tanner and Colleen Odegaard

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