WESLEY CHAPEL, N.C. -- Highway Patrol investigators still have not talked to the driver who hit and killed a man walking home from a party, one month after the man s death.

However, investigators say that conversation isn t necessary to charge the driver because there are several points that can be proved and it is clear the driver broke laws.

Patrol officials say they know who hit and killed 22-year-old Josh Crowley on Potter Road in Union County on April 7, but they are in the process of putting their strongest case together, which includes accident reconstruction results and a toxicology report.

Officials said the driver and the driver s attorney are also waiting for that toxicology report, which is due any day, but it doesn t guarantee a conversation will happen. Investigators say they want that conversation to clarify what they already know.

Authorities suspect Crowley had alcohol in his system, but added it doesn t mean he was drunk, stepped into traffic or caused the accident.

It's so frustrating, said Crowley s close friend Kaitlyn Pearce. We have a figure of our imagination that we are mad at because this person not only struck and killed our friend, but they fled the scene. So that's one thing we as human beings just don't understand.

Criminal defense attorney Charles Morgan, Jr., who is not connected to this case, said it appears the driver is invoking the right against self-incrimination, which is something investigators look for while questioning suspects.

There is nothing this person could say that wouldn't be used against them to charge them and later prosecute them, Morgan said.

Investigators added they are leaving no stone unturned and plan to present their case to the district attorney.

It would start the process of bringing closure to his family, Pearce said.

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