HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- EagleCam watchers were sad last week when they thought they d seen the last of the eaglet Carolina in the hack tower. But fans should be happy to learn two new eaglets have been placed in the hack tower.

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Carolina left the hack tower last week, but continues to return occasionally for food.

Carolina has a new feeding platform out to the side of the tower, and feeders will continue to bring her food as long as she continues to return.

The gates to the tower were closed Monday after the orphaned eaglets were placed in the tower.

The eaglets are about a week apart in age so staff says they should be fine together in the hack tower.

EagleCam watchers may remember two orphans that were hacked last year with the 2011 eaglet Kinsey. The three eaglets bonded, and all watched until they flew away about a week or two apart.

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