CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Below is my list of some of the winners and losers through Wednesday afternoon at the Democratic National Convention in uptown Charlotte.


Cell phone users Charging stations have been almost as busy as the concession stands in the Time Warner Cable Arena concourses this week. The DNC was smart in adding those stations for mobile-friendly delegates and media. Furthermore, the WiFi upgrades inside Time Warner Cable Arena are noticeable. Signal strength isn t perfect, but it is marginally better than what Bobcats fans get during games.

Myrtle Beach Why the heck are they on this list? Because the tourism folks in Myrtle Beach have done a great job promoting their city on the coast. From the massive Obama sand sculpture near the EpiCentre to the well-produced radio spots heard frequently on WBT 1110 AM all week, there s bound to be a spike in web traffic to

Julian Castro -- The San Antonio mayor delivered Tuesday s keynote address and drew huge ovations throughout. From personal mentions of his family and stories of growing up in America, the Convention floor ate it up. You ve got to believe we ll be seeing a lot more of Castro on the national stage in years and elections to come.

Bojangles The local fried chicken joint was the prominent food option inside the Time Warner Cable Arena concession stands. Generic burgers, hot dogs and pretzels are available, sure, but the local company did plenty of business.

Coca-Cola The company s vibrant red billboard is just feet away from Bank of America Stadium overlooking Interstate 277. The Coke logo goes with the words Made in Charlotte Since 1902 and reflects well for both the city and the company.

@CelebsinCLT -- The gossip Twitter feed has added more than 1,000 followers since last week and has been on the ball for celebrity sightings throughout Charlotte during the DNC.

Brad Panovich We re biased of course, but NewsChannel 36 s First Warn Storm Team Chief Meteorologist has been on point with this week s wild and wet forecast. Whether it s been on Twitter at @WXbrad or on air for WCNC-TV, he s been the go-to source for thousands in the Queen City.


Umbrellas From the concourse at Time Warner Cable Arena to the entry security checkpoints, folks weren t allowed to get into the convention with them during Tuesday s downpours. That rule changed Wednesday, apparently, as small umbrellas were allowed in.

Protesters They ve gotten tons of TV time and media attention, yes, but Sunday s 700 protesters were well below the 2,000-10,000 estimated before the event by the March on Wall Street South organizers. There have been occasional uptown protests Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but protesters were measured in the dozens, not hundreds.

Bev Perdue The outgoing Democratic North Carolina governor was given a sub-par speech time in the 6 p.m. hour Tuesday during convention festivities. Delegates were still settling in and finding their seats during her speech, which didn t deliver any huge ovations compared to those of Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx, Julian Castro or Michelle Obama.

Bank of America Stadium All that work stage setup, WiFi upgrades, concourse cleaning, etc. is all for naught as the Panthers home won t be used Thursday for the DNC.

Ballantyne area residents President Obama and the First Lady are staying at the Ballantyne hotel about 20 minutes from uptown Charlotte. It s shutdown roads permanently for the week immediately near the hotel, and it s caused headaches for drivers on nearby Interstate 485.

Have others that should be added to either list? Disagree with the selections? Let me know via email or @CalebTroop.

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