CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Kevin Hart is one of the comedy scene s bigger names these days. He s so big that the Fifth Element bar in uptown advertised he d be there live.

Mickey Farmer from Mooresville jumped at the chance to buy the tickets.

Mickey says he told his mother that he d never heard of the place and that she should call and verify.

So she called and they said Yes, he s going to be here, Farmer said.

The advertisement The Fifth Element put out to sell tickets to Kevin Hart Live looked like a concert ticket and said the word LIVE in big letters.

Would you ever think to ask if the comedian would actually be performing if you bought a ticket like that? Mickey didn t, he showed up early for a good seat but was told there wouldn t be a show and that Kevin Hart was just supposed to show up sometime between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.

NewsChannel 36 spoke with a manager at the bar who said there was no intent to deceive anyone.

The woman said the ticket says live, not performing.

He was here, after midnight, live and in person, the manager said.

Mickey is fuming mad and believes he was fooled and wants his $50 back. Farmer said he tried arguing with the management that night.

So naturally, we say that s kind of misleading advertising and they got very upset and angry and just repeated the whole spiel about performing vs. live again, Farmer added.

The Better Business Bureau of Charlotte also received complaints from others saying they felt ripped off.

If you re selling tickets, and the performer isn t performing, that s deceptive, said Charlotte BBB President Tom Bartholomy. Why sell tickets? Just put it on a flyer that Kevin Hart would be there that night.

It s a comedian Farmer didn t get to see, as he didn t wait, and won t likely ever go back.

And I told them, in the history of venues, when you say a performer is going to be live, that means he s doing his spiel, jokes, music, whatever. But they said nope, he ll just be here wandering around.

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