CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Feel like you're paying a lot to get online? You're on to something.

According to WhiteFence, the average Charlottean paid $51.18 for high-speed Internet services in October. That's the highest price in the nation, higher than New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. The WhiteFence Index showed the price of Internet service rising steadily since May, when it was below $40/month.

WhiteFence helps people compare prices on utilities, then sign up for service online. It used data from its own website to create its index. The price of Internet only includes Internet-only products, not products sold as part of a bundle, WhiteFence says.

The data itself doesn't explain why prices are going up in Charlotte, says WhiteFence's Lindsey Hieb. Internet technology is changing, and telecommunications providers that offer fiber optic products are pushing harder to market those products instead of DSL as a single product service, she says. Fiber optic products are newer technology, and tend to be more expensive than products like DSL.

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