CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police think a man, charged in a murder in Pineville, is also behind a string of robberies all over the city.

One man who came face to face with one of those robbers talked about what happened. He's telling his story for the first time,but he's asking to stay anonymous. They put a gun to my head and said, 'where's the money?'

An overnight clerk at the Gas-N-Go on Carowinds Boulevard says he feels lucky to be alive. A group of men stormed the store on January 20 and demanded money. They left within minutes with food and cigarettes. The clerk was unable to open the register.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's Armed Robbery Unit, along with the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team and the Pineville Police Department, have charged Jamal Pittman with a string of robberies.

The crimes happened all over the city, from Pineville-Matthews Road to Woodlawn Road and Kings Drive.

But there's more. Pineville policecharged 19-year-old Pittman with the Sunday murder at Willow Ridge Apartment Complex in Pineville. It's the second arrest they've made in the murder of Jarred Boli.

It's so sad. They don't have any fear, said Gas-N-Go owner Young Lim. He says he now worries about his overnight clerks. In the middle of the night, I wake up and ask him, 'is everything ok?'

The clerk, who now knows he came so closeto an accused killer, told NewsChannel 36, I tell everybody, if not for God, I'd be dead. If not God, they'd get me down. They would've shot.

The clerk is expecting his first child any day.

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