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INDIANTRAIL, N.C. -- Twenty-six domestic turkeys arrived at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue after falling from a truck traveling through Charlotte and are now in need of medical care and shelter.

According to officials with the Waterfowl Rescue, the turkeys suffered a wide range of injuries, many with broken bones and wounds that require stitches.

The rescue is looking for a long term housing arrangement for the birds, as they require space the shelter simply does not have, and heating lamps as the temperatures continue to drop.

(Click here to see more images of the lucky birds)

The birds, who were once destined for a platter on someone's dining room table, now have a new fate, but the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue needs your help.

Donations are being accepted to help pay for the special food and medical care these turkeys require.

If you can help, monetary donations are accepted via, through PayPal on The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Facebook page, or by mail.

Send donations to:
Carolina Waterfowl Rescue
POBox 1484
Indian Trail, NC 28079

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