CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With most violent streets you don't have to look very far to find guns, usually lots of them.

Some of the young men can't wait to turn 15 or 16 so they can as they say carry a tool, said Pastor John P Kee, the minister of New Life Fellowship Church on Samuel St in West Charlotte.

New Life has had a gun buyback program since 2007 and in that time has collected hundreds of guns.

Were just crazy enough to believe that if we can get rid of the guns we can avoid some of the crime, said Pastor Kee.

On Thursday night at 10 o'clock Kee's 2012 program will start, it's the first buy back in our area since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and interest has been high.

Oh absolutely, Concord, Kannapolis, we've got calls as far away as Asheville, so were looking forward to it being a huge night and people coming from the surrounding counties as well, said the Pastor.

Anyone can bring a gun and it will be accepted no questions asked; participants will receive a gift card. All of the weapons collected will be turned over to the police and destroyed.

Last year New Life collected 100 guns, Kee says given all of the interest because of the school shooting he would not be surprised if he gets two or three times that number this year.

We believe the more guns we can take off the street, we believe we can shut down some of the crime in the area, said Kee.

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