RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) -- Gov. Pat McCrory says his administration will place North Carolina on a better road to economic recovery and said government won't be an obstacle to unleashing the unlimited opportunity in the state.

McCrory spoke Saturday at the state's inaugural ceremony on the south side of Capitol Square looking over downtown Raleigh. He was one of 10 Council of State members installed to their positions, although McCrory was officially sworn in last weekend.

McCrory said his parents moved to North Carolina in the mid-1960s when the state was poised to become the leader of the new South it became. But he said he knows people are hurting now in communities across the state because the state's unemployment rate remains among the nation's highest.

The members of the North Carolina Council of State taking their oaths of office at Saturday's 2013 inauguration. McCrory and Forest had been officially sworn in earlier this month:

-- Gov. Pat McCrory, 56, Republican, first term.

-- Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, 45, Republican, first term.

-- Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, 67, Democrat, fifth term.

-- State Auditor Beth Wood, 58, Democrat, second term.

-- State Treasurer Janet Cowell, 44, Democrat, second term.

-- Attorney General Roy Cooper, 55, Democrat, fourth term.

-- Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry, 66, Republican, fourth term.

-- Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, 45, Democrat, second term.

-- Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson, 64, Democrat, third term.

-- Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, 60, Republican, third term.

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