STATESVILLE, N.C. -- It was a wet and rainy day in Statesville capped off by thick snow that fell around 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

It's not too bad yet, the roads are starting to get a little bit of coverage, I'd say there is a little bit sticking now, said C.J. Sudman, motorist.

Even before the snow hit Statesville, Street Maintenance Crews were busy dealing with fallen trees.

This is our third tree and we are about to head to another and that will be our fourth, said Supervisor Randal Meadows.

At Energy United, the local power company, there was a great deal of concern that falling trees could create some major power outages.

You arrange for your call center personnel to work a bit late tonight, have your crews come in early, cue up the tree trimming crews, said David Schleicher V.P. of Engineering.

That fear of being snowed in without power drove many residents to the store and there was a run on bread and milk.

Well, I got my milk and bread which they ran out of bread so we didn't get that one and our eggs, just things to get us through the storm, said Melissa Threatte, a shopper.

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