MECKLENBURGCOUNTY, N.C. -- Forty-five of 159 Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools now allow students and/or faculty to bring their own digital devices, according to a list released Friday.

The district has been rolling out its bring your own technology, or BYOT, plan as schools get wifi capability. The effort began with 20 pilot schools named in the fall.

But Chief Information Officer Valerie Truesdale said Friday that two of the largest pilot schools, Myers Park and South Mecklenburg high schools, have not yet turned on the network because principals are concerned about bandwidth.

Additional schools were authorized to use the CMS wifi network earlier this month, and more could be added during the second semester, Truesdale said. The goal is to have all schools active by August.

As of Friday staff can bring their own tablets, phones and other digital devices at 45 schools, and 20 of those also allow students to participate.

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