CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating a bizarre theft involving animal parts in South Charlotte.

It happened late Wednesday night at the Carolinas Animal Hospital off York Road where police said someone stole a freezer that was kept around back of the hospital.

Inside were the remains of dogs and cats.

Dr. Katherine Queck, a veterinarian and part owner of the facility said it is not unusual to store animal remains.

Most veterinary facilities have freezers and they are for animals that are euthanized after hours, so that we have some place to keep them until the remains can be taken to be buried or cremated and returned to owners, said Dr. Queck.

Because it is also a teaching hospital, there were specimens -- parts of animals -- that were also stored in the freezer.

Dr. Queck believes that whoever took the freezer had no idea what was in it.

Each item taken was valued to be $300 with the freezer itself worth another $300.

If anyone has information about the theft they're asked to call CMPD at 704-336-7600.

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