INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- There are new developments out of Indian Trail concerning their police service.

It appears the City Council is ready to move forward with the Union County Sheriff's Office's current contract and to disregard a new proposal which the sheriff called a slap in the face.

I moved here because of tax rates, said Indian Trail resident Mark Wireman.

It s clear why Mark Wireman moved to Indian Trail from Charlotte in 2009, so any possible changes that impact his wallet concern him. The recent proposed contract to the Union County Sheriff's Office made pages of new mandates for renewal of service.

To have a select few members in council to make this drastic of change which puts those 34,000 residents safety in jeopardy is really overstepping the bounds of what I think they're supposed to do as council members, said Wireman.

On Thursday, Sheriff Eddie Cathey made it very clear he has no intentions of accepting the new terms saying they offer Indian Trail great service for a great rate.

We get no complaints about the service so I don't understand what their issue is, that they think we're going to answer to the city council of Indian Trail certainly we'll work with them, but we're not going to answer to them, said Sheriff Cathey.

Councilwoman Darlene Luther responded to NBC Charlotte by email on Friday saying she found the sheriff's comments to be astounding, utterly unprofessional and offensive.

Friday afternoon, Mayor Michael Alvarez called for a special meeting on Saturday with council members and it s open to the public.

It's here to solve any mis-communication on where the ball may have been dropped and let's get this back to the table and finished, said Mayor Michael Alvarez.

After a turn of events on Friday afternoon, it looks as though it is already finished. Town Manager Joe Fivas and Councilman David Cohn cancelled an impromptu meeting Friday afternoon with Sheriff Cathey.

Councilman Cohn said it's because he now feels confident they have three votes, which would make a majority to approve the sheriff's current contract and withdraw the newly proposed one.

Over the phone Sheriff Cathey told NBC Charlotte he's looks forward to continuing to provide service to Indian Trail.

Councilman Cohn says even though he feels confident the issue is resolved, town leaders will still hold a special meeting Saturday at 4 p.m. at the Civic Center. The meeting is open to anyone.

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