Linda Ambard was running in Monday s marathon in honor of her husband who died in Afghanistan. She was near the finish line at the moment of the explosion.

Phil, her husband, was killed in 2011 Linda felt running in the marathon would help her heal and pay tribute to him. She says terrorist took her husband s life, and took her day to honor him.

She was a quarter mile from the finish line when the explosion happened.

You hear the boom, you feel the street shake, and you see people just running, sprinting away from that area, said Ambard in a phone interview with NBC Charlotte.

Linda said she would ve been right next to the explosion if she hadn t stopped to use the restroom.

You see everything shut down and you see people crying their eyes out because they can't get a hold of people, she said.

We have no reception (on cell phones). When they found the second one that didn't go off a lot of people panicked. I started to cry, Ambard said her voice trailing off.

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