CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A U.S. Airways plane lost one of its wheels while taxiing for take-off Wednesday afternoon at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, officials for the airline said.

At about 4:30 p.m. one of the four main gear tires separated from the plane while it was moving on the runway, rolled across the tarmac and lodged into the undercarriage of a U.S. Airways Express plane that had just landed from Lexington, K.Y.

The plane that lost the wheel, Flight 1992 to Providence, R.I., made an emergency stop on the runway when the crew realized what had happened.

Officials helped passengers deboard on the tarmac and bussed them back to the terminal. Meanwhile, maintenance crews put a new tire on the aircraft and towed it back to the gate.

Both of the planes affected were inspected by mechanics at the gate. Flight 2219 from Kentucky had no damage and returned to service Wednesday evening. Passengers on the plane bound for Providence, R.I. were booked on a later flight.

The incident was the second report in three days of wheels separating from U.S. Airways planes at the Charlotte airport.

On Sunday, the two front wheels of a US Airways Express plane ran off the runway as Flight 2658 from Myrtle Beach landed.

No one was injured on either occasion.

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