CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A local church closed the doors to its sanctuary on Sunday, and spent the day reaching out the community with various surprises, one of which was free gas.

This is great I start a new job tomorrow and I didn't know where I would get gas to go, said Tawanna Jackson as she received free gas from the Rock Worship Center.

The gas was free for Jackson and scores of others who lined up at the BP gas station on West Boulevard and Remount Road Sunday afternoon.

We want to minister to the community about Christ's love, said Pastor Frank Jacobs This is a joy to all of us, he said.

Hundreds of church members spread out throughout the community, offering not only free gas, but free doughnuts and coffee, to free food and clothes along with financial advice for residents.

This is just one of the community activities the church is doing in the community.

This is who we are. said one member as she started to fill up another car.

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