CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Jennifer Clancy grew up in a world full of books. She was an avid reader who enjoyed learning and excelled in school. Now, a CMS teacher in a high-poverty school, Clancy hopes to use social media to help her students live the dream she lived.

Unfortunately children living in high-poverty schools often don t have books at home, said Clancy.

The CMS teacher is asking for help using the Web site

As a teacher, you want everything for your kids and you only have so much money, so with I m able to supplement, said Clancy. is a national Web site where public school teachers can post their classroom wish list and prospective donors can help with specific requests and needs in their own school districts.

Clancy has already received hands-on math and English games and supplements for her classroom, and she isn t quitting. She is in constant search for exciting new programs to bring to her children. Right now, she is requesting money for a program on the Revolutionary War, which her fifth graders, at the Project Lift school Thomasboro Academy in Charlotte, will be studying in the coming school year.

Yes, I ve had 23 projects funded since October, so I m very lucky.

Clancy and her former students have thanked the donors and she believes that's the beauty of Relationships are built, she says.

They would say things like, I know you love us because you provided us with these materials and you re helping us learn, she said.

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