CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- College campuses will soon be busy with incoming freshman and statistics show that more than half of those new students will have loans when they graduate.

But can you save money on that college bill? And how?

UNC Charlotte Assistant Director for Parent and Family Services Kesha Williams offered tips to reduce your college bill.

She said the biggest money saver is finding affordable on campus housing. At UNC Charlotte, a double in a standard dorm costs about $4,800 versus the highest priced four person, four bedroom suite, which will run students about $8,000 a year.

Williams said for most students, the dorm experience is a positive one, that allows freshman to make new friends and learn about the university and all it has to offer.

She also recommends renting books and researching your meal plan carefully. Many students don t use all their meal plan dollars, but could save money in state tax by eating at university eateries instead of the same fast food chains and restaurants nearby the school.

Williams also recommended campus jobs for students who want to make money while in school.

Statistics show that students do better when they have jobs working on campus because it s another way to learn how to time manage themselves.

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