SALISBURY, N.C. -- For days, neighbors of 15-year-old Erica Parsons have worried about her safety. Wednesday, agents with the FBI, SBI and Rowan County Sheriff s Department searched the home and yard of her adoptive parents.

It was long overdue. That girl had been missing for a long time. I just wish somebody would have reported it a lot sooner, said Vickie Yates, a neighbor.

The search was conducted at 218 Millers Chapel Road in Salisbury. It s typically a quiet part of Rowan County.

Given the heavy presence of law enforcement, everyone is worried about where this investigation may be heading.

Looks like something bad, but we pray she's found safe, said Yates.

Patricia Howard is also concerned. Digging up the yard, and search the house and the family is nowhere to be seen. It's unbearable, she said.

Erica has been missing for nearly two years. Her adoptive parents never reported it. Neighbors are shocked that no one seemed to know.

Patti Miller lived next door and talked to the Parsons on a regular basis. She says they don't deserve to get Erica back if she's found safe.

If they haven't had the need to find her in 18 months, then I don't know if they should necessarily have her back. I wouldn't want my child living with someone who didn't care enough in 18 months to go looking for her, she said.

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