SALISBURY, N.C. -- It appears the parents of missing teen Erica Parsons are now gone for good from their Salisbury home.

The last of the move happened Thursday morning.

Plenty of neighbors are happy to see the family go, given the month-long madness with media camped out at all hours next to the family home. It all started after Erica's older brother reported her missing, two years after she was last seen at the house.

The packing up and moving out from Salisbury to Fayetteville generates no sympathy at all from neighbor Danny Goodman. He says there are still too many questions without answers about what happened to Erica and why.

Erica's parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, say Erica isn't missing. Last they knew she went to live with her grandmother in the mountains.

Investigators say that story isn't true.

The truth is going to come out, Goodman said.

Neighbor Stephanie Ehrenreich says the hardest part to wrap her mind around a month into the search for Erica is why it took nearly two years for Erica to be reported missing, especially since the parents say they didn't see her and assumed she was okay instead of checking for themselves.

The parent in her feels for Casey and Sandy Parsons. It's their child who is missing. They meet with investigators to go over tips and they have not been arrested or charged with Erica's disappearance.

It seems the people might want to get away from everything that's going on, Ehrenreich said.

But there are the abuse allegations, spelled out by investigators in two search warrants, claiming Casey and Sandy verbally and physically abused Erica for years. Allegations the Parsonses deny.

It's why neighbor Carol Leazer's sympathy is mixed.

If they had something to do with it, no. If they didn't, then yeah, I do. That they lost their child and have no idea where she's at or what happened to her, Leazer said.

Neighbors hope a prayer vigil, planned for 7 p.m. Sunday at the Rowan County Courthouse guides them when so many say they don't know what or who to believe.

It's hope. It's hope, possibly that she's somewhere alive. It really shows the compassion and concern that this county has got for something like this, Goodman said.

There are no new law enforcement interviews planned with the Parsons family.

Their attorney says they will return whenever they are needed to answer questions and help investigators with tips.

There was activity at a different Parsons house Wednesday.

Sandy Parsons father William reported a break-in to his home on Sutton Road in China Grove. It is the same address investigators went to a week ago with a search warrant and removed teeth, a hammer and vacuum parts for testing in their ongoing search to find Erica.

Investigators say it appears someone kicked in a basement door, but nothing was missing.

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