GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- The top swimmer in the world has captured a bevy of medals, but he couldn t catch an adoring fan. While Ryan Lochte was in Florida over the weekend, a teenage fan ran toward him and jumped into his arms Lochte lost his balance and tore his MCL and sprained his ACL.

Lochte trains with SwimMac in Charlotte and Coach David Marsh said, He wasn't prepared to catch her and, when that happened, it buckled his knees. He actually has loose joints. He's kind of double-jointed in all his limbs, which is part of the talent for swimming, but not obviously ideal for catching fans.

Lochte has had problems in the past with his ACL. This week, he met with a doctor in Gainesville who has treated him previously. In this case, it is still unclear if Lochte faces surgery or just rehab. Some of that depends on the severity of the sprain, said Marsh. When he dealt with this in the past, he came back better than ever from it. It looks like he has a pretty substantial rehab time here in Charlotte ahead of him.

Marsh said it is fortunate the next big swim meet isn t until next August. The summer Olympics are nearly three years away.

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