Selfie. The term has been coined the word of the year.

While the Kardashians, middle schoolers all over the world, and admittedly TV news anchors do it, when none other than the President of the United States does it, at Nelson Mandela s memorial service nonetheless, it becomes a topic of worldwide controversy.

Many are calling the snapshot inappropriate, and in poor taste.

The image that sparked a debate around the world shows the President, along with several other world leaders, taking a group selfie, while First Lady Michelle Obama turns away, almost in disapproval.

But let s not forget, this president certainly isn t the first to take an arm-length snapshot in a questionable locale.

Former President George W. Bush had someone take his photo with Bono, and posted it to social media during Mandela s service.

In other instances, distasteful self-snapshots are featured on Instagram accounts and blogs. Some selfies are taken at funerals and at memorials to the fallen, then posted to blogs and Tumblr accounts.

While etiquette instructors may shudder in horror at this new global trend, and whether you approve or not, perhaps it goes to prove world leaders are just like us regular folks.

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