CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's one of the most popular shows on Broadway, but are Charlotte audiences ready for the Book of Mormon?

The theatre wants to make sure, encouraging ticketholders to --get this-- watch an episode of South Park.

They call it provocative.

Some say it's crude. And just about everyone who sees it says it's hilarious, and heartwarming.

The Book of Mormon is now headed to Charlotte.

Yes, absolutely. It s all those things. It's edgy, it s provocative and very, very funny, says Charlotte based producer and actor Donna Scott.

So edgy, the Blumenthal Theatre where the Broadway show debuts later this month sent a letter warning ticketholders the show will offend, and provoke laughter.

Scott thinks that s a good idea. Giving people a heads up just shows a respect for the audience. All a producer wants is for people to come to the show and enjoy it.

The theatre s president even encouraged people to watch an uncensored episode of South Park, the controversial cartoon written by the same team that wrote the Book of Mormon.

The chair of UNC Charlotte's theatre department says this is what the theatre is all about.

Shows come and go that sometimes ask questions and provoke questions, James Vesce says.

Provocative? Crude? As long as it gets people thinking -- and talking.

That s OK. That s what the theatre is here to do, he added.

So get ready, Charlotte, to say hello to the Book of Mormon.

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