ROCKHILL, S.C. -- A Rock Hill man has been arrested and charged in connection with the death of his infant daughter.

Late Sunday night, Rock Hill Police were called to an apartment in the 800 block of South York Avenue in response to a report of an infant who was not breathing.

The complainant, Mandi Coley, the infant's mother, told police she found her 5-month-old daughter not breathing as the infant laid in bed with her father, 25-year-old Samuel White.

Coley told police she went to kiss her daughter and noticed that she was cold to the touch and was not breathing. Coley then awoke White, began to administer CPRto the infant, then called 911, she told police.

White told police he'd fed the infant a bottle of milk, changed her diaper, then both laid down and went to bed.

The child was pronounced deceased at Piedmont Medical Center late Sunday night.

When White learned the news, authorities say he became unruly-- banging his head on the floor and closed-fist punching the walls in the ER.

The case remains under investigation, but Rock Hill Police have charged White with homicide by child neglect.

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