CLOVER, S.C. It is the day after for neighbors in Clover s Oakridge community.

With eight reputed high-level drug dealers taken off the street during simultaneous raids Tuesday, many here hope there will be a change for the better.

Anytime law enforcement comes it helps. When something is wrong and isn t right, it helps, said Harry Phillips as he took his usual morning walk.

Phillips walk takes him by the street in Oakridge where two of the three homes that were raided Tuesday are located.

Besides the eight arrests, investigators from the York Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit seized quantities of crack cocaine, marijuana, and a number of guns.

Investigators say the group believed the neighborhood was their own private turf, their own territory.

Many neighbors were too afraid to speak about the raids, but some of those who did, like Chris Phillips said police needed to also target those who buy the drugs.

Phillips said he had personally seen people come to the neighborhood to do drug deals.

All the time, he said.

James Williams, another area resident, agreed.

If they get the people who are buying it, then they won t have anybody to sell it to, Williams said.

Neighbors say many of the buyers are white or Hispanic who clearly don t live in the neighborhood.

Some look like they are going to work or coming from work, Williams said.

Investigators responded to those concerns saying they had run what are called reverse stings in the area that target those who are buying drugs.

Undercover officers pose as street dealers and arrests are made when a deal is completed.

Investigators also invited anyone who was aware of drug activity to call in an report it. Callers do not need to give their names.

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