CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte officially welcomed its fourth mayor in less than a year s time on Wednesday.

Dan Clodfelter took the oath of office, and then addressed the Charlotte community. After, he sat down with NBC Charlotte s Dave Wagner to talk about his priorities.

Mayor Clodfelter says the idea of being mayor wasn t in his head two weeks ago, but he s already been thrown into the mix. He s excited, exhausted and emotional.

His first challenge is to restore public trust after Patrick Cannon s arrest.

It has hit us in our sense of who we are, he says.

On the fifteenth floor of City Hall, the new mayor contemplates the city s recent past.

Have you thought at all about the fact that the FBI maintains that this was the place where money exchanged hands? --DW

It makes me a little queasy, a little uncomfortable. It's just not something I can understand really, frankly. I just don't know how that happens. But, there are no ghosts in the office, no. If that's the question, there are no ghosts in the office. --DC

He s focusing on the mayors who have served with honor like Eddie Knox, Harvey Gantt, Sue Myrick and Richard Vinroot. Mayor Clodfelter says they formed his views of government.

Looking forward, the mayor is a supporter of the streetcar in Charlotte. He wants to revitalize the east and west sides of town.

Mayor Clodfelter also vows to fight the state takeover of Charlotte Douglas.

Overall, he s thinking of the city s improvement.

It's a place that has so much potential to be anything it wants to be.

See parts 1 and 2 of the interview below.

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