CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Scott Mercer can smile and laugh despite losing his garage apartment to a massive tree which once stood in his back yard.

We were just reading the paper and drinking coffee and minding our own business and heard this enormous crash. I literally thought a jet had crashed in our back yard, he said.

Normally Mercer s family members would be staying in the apartment above the garage during the Easter holiday. This time his children were not at the apartment this weekend.

They didn't come and my mother wasn't staying there either, he said.

The tree also knocked out power to Mercer s home and several of his neighbors. Duke Energy estimates the power will be restored around noon Sunday.

Mercer has lived in his house on Ridgewood Avenue since 1992 -- decades after the tree which crashed into his garage was planted.

He said the tree was rotten inside and that it is a sign of growing problem facing residents in neighborhoods like Myers Park.

These trees were all planted at the same time in Myers park and they're all dying off about the same time too, and It's going to be a problem for the city's tree arborist to deal with all of them.

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