New York, NY -- Jimmy Fallon says he nearly once called North Carolina home.

My dad got a job offer from IBM. We were going to move. Now I just go there to visit, but I almost lived in Research Triangle, said The Tonight Show host.

Recently Fallon invited NBC Charlotte anchor Ben Thompson to The Tonight Show offices at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City for a chat. The two sat down in the conference room where writers craft the show's monologue.

Jay Leno gave great advice when I first took over. He said make your monologue longer because people, weirdly enough, believe or not, get their news from The Tonight Show.

Fallon is following in the footsteps of legends like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, both of whom held the job for decades. He's learned the responsibility that comes with hosting his new show. In the job since February, he says there's a marked difference from Late Night, his former show.

People are actually watching now. I didn't realize how many people weren't actually watching me on Late Night. So it's a little depressing.

Fallon says the highlight of his run so far is still that first episode, especially a skit that featured a parade of performers paying him back $100 they supposedly betted him that he'd never make it so far. Included in the list is his future competitor at The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert is the one we ended with because he is just great. And you know he knows how to just end a bit like that. So he, instead of a hundred dollar bill, he dumped a hundred dollars worth of pennies over me. And even down my collar, he said.

Even though the move to North Carolina never worked out, Fallon still developed a taste for Carolina pulled pork, joking perhaps he could get an endorsement deal.

How much do you think they'll pay me? I love pulled pork sandwiches, you know me, as he smacked his lips. Nom, nom, nom.

I mean, please, I love the Carolinas, he shrugged.


BT: Okay, so barbeque. Would you prefer ribs or a pulled pork sandwich?

JF: The truth is I love both. Um, but I will say ribs just because once, I will never forget this, I went to a restaurant here in NY, and I got a pulled pork sandwich. And they wrote me up in the paper the next day, Hey, Jimmy Fallon seen eating at this restaurant eating a pulled pork sandwich. Fine. The next day, I went out to some birthday party my friend was having and it was a BBQ place, and I had a pulled pork sandwich. And someone wrote about in the paper again the next day, Jimmy Fallon eating pulled pork sandwich AGAIN. And I was like that's kind of gross. I don't eat them every day. I don't want to be Mr. Pulled Pork Sandwich Guy. So I was afraid of that rumor sticking, and typecasting, you know.

BT: You could get an endorsement deal with that.

JF: I don't want to be... please, you will? I'll do it.

BT: I think you could do it.

JF: I'll do it. How much do you think they'll pay me? I LOVE pulled pork sandwiches, you know me (smacks his lips). Nom nom nom... No. I like both. I like both. But there's different types, I like spicy. Yeah. And meat falling off the bone.
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