INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- An Indian Trail family is no longer worried about how they will pay their medical bills.

When the insurance company suddenly cancelled their policy, they decided to Get McGinty to make it right.

Four years ago, Ryan lane was born with charge syndrome; it happens in 1 of every 10,000 births and causes blindness and hearing impairments.

In Ryan s case he also has only one kidney and uses a tracheotomy to breathe. Kim Lane, Ryan s mom says, to us he is amazing, the doctor said 'I don t know if he ll ever walk or ever hear, ya know.'

But today, Ryan is 4 years old and thriving in his Pre-K , he walks and signs, but does require a lot of therapy, as well as in home nursing care and very important respiratory medication he takes daily.

He is amazing with the things he can do, his mom said.

Therapy and insurance coverage is a big part that help keep Ryan active and healthy.

Yes, absolutely, to do all the things he is doing because of all those therapies and the doctors telling us what to do said Kim.

So it came as a shock last month when Mike and Kim s Cobra Insurance notified them their health insurance was terminated.

I was just shocked, Kim said of their insurance being terminated.

Ryan's father, Mike Lane, took it hard as well.

As provider for my family, it s tough, I want to provide, but it s out of my control, he said.

The Lane s panicked, and in the midst of realizing their timing mistake, wondered, how would they pay for Ryan s necessary care? And, how would they pay for the birth of their second child, due in just weeks.

Not only was it a tough epxericne for the Lanes but also an emotional one.

Oh, yes, very, very, Mike said of the family's emotion. You know, those last few weeks, we should be doing other things and not worrying about stuff like this. You know, a name, that s one thing we have not decided on.

The NBC Charlotte Consumer I-Team got right to work and made this a priority given Ryan s special medical needs and a pending birth just a few weeks away. I asked that common sense and compassion be applied here and their health insurance benefits be reinstated as soon as possible.

Nobody seemed to know what to do to help or even wanted to help and that s when we reached out to you and within three days, the insurance company called and said they were going to reinstate the policy, Kim said.

Fast forward to May 8th, just weeks later at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in uptown, Mike, Kim, and big brother Ryan, welcomed their new baby, a girl... named Allie.

Now that s what I call a perfect and happy ending.

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