CLOVER, S.C. -- A Clover High School teacher was just named national Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher of the Year.

Christy Wilson doesn t stand in one place for long.

Everything Miss she does is a little off beat, a whole lot of fun. She, and her class, are full of energy.

Junior Amber Oliveri says, She s really outgoing and loud and definitely interactive. I think she s like the best. I really think she deserves it. I ve been with her all three years of high school and I m going to be with her again next year.

One of the things she's known for is the It s Sew Easy to Help Others program she created.

Her students sew things for others, from hats for cancer patients to prom dresses for classmates.

Wilson says, I think it s the ultimate way to teach somebody to be an active citizen, for them to be able to do something for others, They re going to put more work into it compared to if they re just going to do it for themselves.

And she's doing it all at the place she's called for home for years.

Wilson actually graduated from Clover high.

I feel like I m a part of everybody s family. I see everyone in the grocery store. It s nice to come back and give back to the school that s given me so much, she says.

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