CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- New shops and restaurants could be coming to the Northlake Mall area.

A rezoning proposal submitted to the city calls for buildings across the street from the mall with changes made to W.T. Harris Boulevard.

Right now, the land across the street from Northlake Mall on West W.T. Harris from Interstate 485 to Reames Road is mostly woods with a couple of homes.

Those woods buffer traffic noise and a view of Northlake Mall stores for people in the nearby Gatewood neighborhood.

If the rezoning goes through, part of those woods would become much like Northlake Pavillion.

The plan includes 62,000 square feet of new buildings, plus parking.

According to the developer's application, possibilities include up to four restaurants, office and retail space, a daycare and maybe a bank.

Stephen McCrae lives on the other side of those woods. I can see it torn down, he said.

He says if built, Northlake Pavilion across the street from Northlake Mall is better for the neighborhood.

Brings jobs is the important thing. Iit will help, said McCrae.

Neighbors say it's more convenience.

Because we like to eat out and check out all the new places, said Brenda McDonough.

She also says she doesn t like to drive any longer than she has to to get anywhere.

She says the hope is the development would increase property values.

We could use a little of that out here, McDonough said.

More traffic and less natural beauty are two things some neighbors who didn't want to talk on camera say Northlake Pavilion would bring.

State DOT numbers say 31,000 cars a day come to the mall and just under 9,000 a day from Reames Road to I-77.

Some neighbors say Northlake Pavilion will bring more cars to the other side of W.T. Harris - closer to their homes, with less of a buffer in between.

The plan also calls for adding turn lanes to W.T. Harris.

If that's done, neighbors say any potential increase in traffic won't bother them.

A public hearing is set for April 25th.

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