CHESTERFIELD, S.C.-- Many say they are shocked, appalled and angered by the possibility of county employees shooting and killing dogs.

The Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation into its own animal control shelter after pictures of dogs and bullet rounds surfaced Friday morning.

Saturday NewsChannel 36 went to the landfill where those dogs were allegedly shot and we uncovered new evidence.

The folks who made the grisly discovery say they want to make sure it doesn't happen again in Chesterfield County, but anywhere ever again.

This just upset me, said neighbor Barbara Sellers. I just cried and cried. I don't know. It's hard to explain.

Many people are angry about the apparent slaughter of what could be dozens of dogs taken from the shelter, shot in the head and left in a landfill a few football fields away from the animal control shelter in Chesterfield County.

These establishments need to be held to the same insight an regulations as any other operation that controls life and death, said one neighbor of the shelter.

Saturday bones were visible in the landfill, which suggests that this may have been going on for months.

Many are shocked and want answers.

Just get to the bottom of it, Sellers said. Find out who's behind this and fix it so it doesn't happen again.

Deborah Farhi, a volunteer at the shelter, brought the allegations to light on Friday after visiting the animal control facility.

She told NewsChannel 36 she became concerned when she noticed that several of the dog crates were empty. She asked an inmate who works at the shelter why the dogs were missing, and according to Farhi, the inmate told her that the dogs had been shot and killed at a landfill across the street from the shelter.

Employees at the shelter are under the direction of the sheriff s office, and as a result, both the Solicitor s Office and the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division have been notified to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

In a written statement, the sheriff s office noted that until the investigation is complete, it is unclear if {the} allegation is an administrative policy violation or possible criminal charge.

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