For today s Dion s Daily Deal -- we re looking out for your food budget. I ve got deals for your next breakfast and lunch, maybe even dinner!

Let s start with breakfast and a free coffee sample from Joe Ragan s Coffee. Check out their Facebook fan page to get this deal.

To go with, Special K cereal has a promotion through a marketing company that will give you a free sample box to try here.

And for lunch or even dinner, there s another generous offer from Earth Fare supermarkets. You can get a free half pound of boneless skinless chicken breast with any $5 purchase.

You ll have to sign up for their email list, but coupons like this pop up often, I d say almost every week, so it s a good resource to have.

Okay, time to hit the grocery store myself to check out the rising food prices for our monthly update.

See you on TV at 4 p.m.!

-- Dion

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