CHARLOTTE, N.C. These are the best and worst restaurant health inspection scores for July 27-August 2 filed by the Mecklenburg County Health Department. The scores are in percentages. There were approximately 65 inspections.

La Romero Taqueria
Grade: 87.5
6301 South Boulevard
Infractions include: Partially consumed bottled beverages in drink cooler co-mingled with items for customers.
Date of Inspection: July 27

Beijing Buffet
Grade: 90
3209 Eastway Drive
Infractions include: Spray bottles containing chemicals not properly labeled.
Date of Inspections: August 1

Beijing Chinese Restaurant
Grade: 90
1603 South Boulevard
Infractions include: Egg rolls stored cooling in raw meat box tops.
Date of Inspection: August 1

Grade: 96
228 West Boulevard
Date of Inspection: July 29

Food Lion
Grade: 101.5
3024 Prosperity Church Road
Date on Inspection: July 27

Harris Teeter Meat/Seafood
Grade: 101.5
4101 Park Road
Date of Inspection: August 1

Park Central Cafe & Catering
Grade: 101
2101 Rexford Road
Date of Inspection: July 28

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