CHARLOTTE, N.C. In a recent listing of the most valuable NFL franchises by Forbes Magazine, the Carolina Panthers, led by owner Jerry Richardson, are right in the middle of the pack.

According to the business magazine, the Panthers franchise is worth $1 billion, 15th highest in the NFL but slightly below the league average of $1.04 billion.

The Dallas Cowboys are the league s most valuable franchise for the fifth straight year at $1.85 billion, up two percent. The least valuable franchise is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

League revenue grew four percent for the NFL s 32 teams in 2010 compared to the previous season.

Top 5 Most Valuable NFL Teams

1. Dallas Cowboys ($1.85 billion)
2. Washington Redskins ($1.55 billion)
3. New England Patriots ($1.4 billion)
4. New York Giants ($1.3 billion)
5. New York Jets ($1.22 billion)

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