CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A federal judge in Charlotte has ordered the US Airline Pilots Union to stop what he said was a work slow down that was delaying thousands of flights.

Judge Robert Conrad issued a preliminary injunction ordering the union to stop the slow down.

The judge had listened to two days of testimony at a hearing last month where the pilots denied causing any slow down. The union said pilots were only doing what they were trained to do and were watching out for the safety of passengers.

US Airways had argued that pilots were taxiing slowly to and from the gates and were writing up aircraft when there was nothing seriously wrong with them.

At Charlotte Douglas International Airport Wednesday, Jim Quercetti was waiting for a flight back home to Philadelphia. He said late flights cause nothing but problems for business travelers.

Causes a lot of delays. Lots of reactionary measures have to be taken. People have to stand-in for you, so it is not good, he said.

On the arrivals board Wednesday there were a number of US Airways flights that were listed as late but most passengers said they had no complaints about the airline.

I traveled up this morning from Orlando, Florida and I was on time. Everything says, as of now, it is on time to leave, said Bradley Kingsley as he headed for the security check-point.

Pilots Union spokesperson Captain James Ray had not returned phone calls or email messages requesting a comment.

Michelle Mohr, a spokesperson for US Airways, would not comment but released a copy of a statement to employees that read, We are pleased the injunction has been issued.

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