CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink is everywhere. At Black Hawk Hardware in the Park Road Shopping Center in Charlotte, you ll find everything from pink hammers, to bright pink flashlights and even pepper spray in a pretty pink hue.

Overall, 1,300 organizations across the country are supporting breast cancer awareness and research raised $6 billion for the cause last year.

But with so many groups and so many pink products, the Better Business Bureau of the Carolina s Tom Bartholomy warns you need to do your research on how your money gets distributed.

The BBB Las Vegas put out a warning yesterday of being flooded with mailings, some legitimate and some not legitimate organizations, raising money for breast cancer research. If it s a cup of yogurt for $1.30, and five cents goes toward the cause, with a cap of 5k, well, is that going to be impactful, asked Bartholomy.

If you can t check the Better Business Bureau s site for their Charitable Review ratings program,, read the fine print on the package.

Learn how much of your purchase goes toward the cause, and how much the money cap is. Many times it s better to donate to a reputable charity directly.

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