CHARLOTTE, N.C. NewsChannel 36 got a behind the scenes look at some of the wheeling and dealing which helped bring Chiquita to Charlotte.

Governor Bev Perdue and Mayor Anthony Foxx were on stage Wednesday and are popular faces in town, but NewsChannel 36 caught up with a person who you probably don't know, somebody who was critical in bringing Chiquita here, too.

Kati Hynes was the lead economic developer at the Charlotte Chamber on the Chiquita project and was referred to as vicious by Chiquita CEO Fernando Aguirre.

Winning an economic development is all about staying on top of it and responding to every request, Hynes said. There were 180 people involved in this project. Many times there are things we can tell them.

In the case of Chiquita, we couldn't tell them it was in the banana industry because that narrows it down to a couple.

To celebrate the announcement, co-workers put plenty of bananas in her office this week.

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