MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. -- David Jones III, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, is best known for being one of the officers who arrested cop-killer Demeatrius Montgomery in 2007. Now, the 11-year law enforcement veteran finds himself in trouble with the law.

Jones is accused of assaulting 37-year-old Richard McVicker after McVicker rear-ended Jones mother, allegedly making the officer upset.

When officers arrived, Officer Jones was on top of the suspect, holding him down, said Corporal Lori Valdez of the Matthews Police Department.

The accident occurred Wednesday just before 4 p.m. at Sardis Road and Highway 51 in Matthews.

McVicker described the confrontation to NewsChannel 36. I was thrown violently to the ground. I've got bruises up and down this arm. Bruises on my back, said McVicker.

Jones family said he s not some kind ofhothead and that McVicker kept pounding on the mother s car and would not stop.

When asked if McVicker was only tapping on the window, he said, Like you would knock on the window to get someone s attention. She was intentionally ignoring me.

Officer Jones has been in trouble with his department on five other occasions. Sources told NewsChannel 36 that he was suspended for a week in 2004 for excessive force. In 2006 he was cited twice for minor violations. In 2010 he was given a six week suspension for an off duty time card issue, and he received another minor violation this year.

McVicker s past is not clean either. He was arrested for drunk driving in this case and his family said he has battled substance abuse for years. On Friday his wife said he suffers from cirrhosis and jaundice and his appearance has not improved since the confrontation.

The swelling really has not gone down at all and the bruising seems to keep expanding down my neck, said McVicker.

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