HICKORY, N.C. Police and campus security put Catawba Valley Community College on lockdown Wednesday after an employee saw a man carrying a gun.

Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins told NewsChannel 36 that an employee at CVCC s East Campus saw a man wearing a backpack and carrying a handgun in the parking lot around 9:30 a.m. and that the man was walking near a campus daycare.

They d seen a gunman come beside our son s class here and his teacher reported it and they put the school on lockdown, said parent David Manning.

That s when CVCC went into a full lockdown. Students and staff were notified by text messages, emails and loudspeakers. It affected about 4,000 students, CVCC officials said. Students were allowed to leave their rooms and the buildings after police gave the all clear.

We had to turn off all our lights and stay as quiet as we can be, said instructor Tynisha Bowen.

They just told us to have our hands up and they checked all the rooms, inside the doors and closets and stuff to make sure everything was clear and he wasn t in our building.

Some students had to wait in the nearest classroom they could find. Students who weren t on campus at the time weren t allowed on school grounds.

They wouldn t let anybody pull in after that, said student Joe Xiong.

The lockdown ended around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. All classes were canceled for the rest of the day but will resume Thursday. Extra security officers will be on campus Thursday.

Police did not find a gunman or make any arrests.

We don t have any indication there was any threat other than the employee seeing somebody walk through the parking lot with what she believed was a handgun, said Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins.

Today we were reminded of the importance of being prepared for crisis situations, said Dr. Garrett Hinshaw, president of CVCC. I want to commend law enforcement for their quick and effective response to a situation that could have been disastrous on our campus.

The incident today showed the importance of continuing training in this area, and the cooperation with our law enforcement partners to respond to these types of calls, said Chief Adkins.

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