CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are searching for a clean cut, preppy looking man who turned into a peeping tom.

The man allegedly struck Sunday afternoon at the Goodwill store on South Tryon Street across the street from the Rivergate Shopping Center.

Officers say he walked around the store for about six minutes and then followed a 20-year-old woman to a dressing room.

As the victim was trying on undergarments she noticed that someone had slid a mirror under the dressing room door.

She screams out to her mother that there is someone here looking at me with a mirror and the mother comes over, said Officer Steve Hallgren with the Steele Creek Division.

Officer Hallgren said the victim s mother confronted the suspect, who threatened her by suggesting he is armed.

Could have been bluffing to hold mom off to get enough time to get out to his truck and leave, added Officer Hallgren.

Police may not know who the suspect is, but they know what he looks like thanks to the store s security camera system, which captured his picture and his teal-colored compact truck.

Shoppers like Brenda Hiett were stunned to learn about the crime.

Yes, because this is a good area and I ve never heard of anything going on like this. I'm shocked, said Hiett.

Police say the case should remind everyone to never let your guard down.

Shopper Tina Brooks says she typically doesn t.

It worries me because my aunt and uncle do live out here. My aunt shops by herself, but yeah, it's everywhere, Brooks said.

Police hope that someone will recognize the suspect from the photographs and call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

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