CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Little Sugar Creek Greenway provided the cover a flasher needed to expose himself to students at a nearby school earlier this week.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said a man exposed himself to students at the greenway that runs behind the Park Road Montessori School on Haven Drive on Monday.

The incident prompted school officials to send a letter home to parents.

They didn't express exactly what was going on but did let us know that there was someone behaving inappropriately, said Sarah Coats, the mother of a student.

The greenway runs directly behind the school and a path leads through the woods and opens up right next to a running track.

Another parent, Melissa Hefner, said, They (students) are not back in the woods unsupervised, or down by the greenway without there being someone with them.

But NewsChannel 36 found boy's from Park Road Montessori School running along a track as part of a Boys on the Run program down along the greenway Wednesday afternoon. There were long stretches where the boys were alone -- in the same area where the flasher had been spotted before.

Luckily he hasn't been out when we've been out here, said Assistant Coach Bradley Belfiore.

Belfiore said there are usually two or three coaches who spread out along the route the teams run, but he admitted they could not watch all the kids at all times.

CMS said there will be more patrols near the school but there were no obvious uniformed officers visible while the group was running.

I think there should be like random patrols of the area because there is a school here, said another parent, Traci Bernard.

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