STALLINGS, N.C. -- A Union County family enjoyed their first full day in their new home Monday, but actually the Oates family is back in their old home, which was transformed into one they wouldn t recognize from inside.

Since 2008 the Next Level church in Matthews has chosen one family in need to help with a total home makeover. The families are chosen based on their financial hardship and their desire to improve their lives.

There are six members of the Oates family--a mother, her two adult daughters and three young grandchildren all living in a small three-bedroom house that was in need of a lot of work.

On Thursday members gutted the house. Skilled and unskilled workers started the process of rebuilding the home, complete with a new roof and floors and everything in between. The entire house was rewired, the bathroom redone and the home which did not have any heating unit was equipped with a new HVAC unit. The entire house was rewired and all new windows and doors were installed. Volunteers even built a new deck outback.

Partners donated items, from paint to new appliances to simple but special items like curtains and towels for the bathroom.

Each year the church chooses a family in the Springhill section of Stallings to receive a total Home Makeover.

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