CHADBOURN, N.C. -- The family of an Ardrey Kell High School student killed over Christmas break took part in a rally Saturday in Chadbourn to bring more attention to the case.

Jasmine Thar s mother and siblings are among about a dozen people who left Charlotte for a lunchtime rally in the eastern N.C. town, said community activist John Barnett, who travelled with the group.

Barnett said supporters hope the rally will keep the case in the public eye. He has questioned why the man who fired the gun hasn t been taken into custody.

Jasmine, 16, a sophomore at Ardrey Kell High School, was shot Dec. 23 in front of a house in the small town of Chadbourn, where she was visiting with her godmother and a friend.

As they walked toward a vehicle for a shopping trip about 11 a.m., a single bullet fired from a home across the street struck all three, killing Jasmine and injuring the others.

According to a police report, the shot came from a Remington Model 700 rifle owned by James Anthony Blackwell, 23. Blackwell told police he had taken the rifle from a case and it fired without him pulling the trigger.

The Remington Model 700, one of the most popular bolt-action rifles, is the subject of dozens of lawsuits, alleging a defect causes the weapon to fire without a trigger pull.

Chadbourn police took Blackwell to the station but did not arrest him and later released him
Barnett said Saturday that authorities have sent the gun in for testing, but they have been told it could take months for the results to become ready.

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