CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Parking in uptown Charlotte just got a little more difficult due to the Democratic National Convention.

Most on-street parking is blocked now through next Friday, especially in areas closest to Time Warner Cable Arena.

Drive around and it's not hard to find areas now fenced, gated or coned off.

On Thursday crews put up fencing on both sides of the intersection of Stonewall and Caldwell streets. That area is designated as speech zones during the DNC.

You'll also find steel fencing on Brevard and 8th Street and on Trade Street, near Bank of America Stadium and the path of Sunday's protest march.

The blockade bothering resident Jefferson Herr the most is the on-street parking meters on Tryon Street now covered with no parking signs. It s where he sells fresh flowers.

Fewer spots to park so close mean fewer customers and longer walks for people finding parking lots instead.

Slowed down a lot, the business slowed down, Herr said.

Herr is happy the DNC is here, but he wasn t thrilled to be down $200 compared to a normal on-street parking day.

Sunil Kumar noticed the no parking, too. He has a company parking spot, but will be glad when uptown is a little less fenced and blocked.

Parking, fencing and road closures will grow and change day-by-day with the DNC.

I'm trying to get out. Tomorrow is my paid time off, so I'm getting out. Today is my last day, Kumar said.

If you're driving around uptown the next few days, beware of delivery and construction trucks parking in coned off lanes.

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